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Lifestyles of Singles - Dating, Relationships, Careers and Fun By Lance Winslow

The singles lifestyle is not as easy and carefree as it appears, and there are hidden dangers all around. Problems such as date rape, STDs and psycho boyfriends. Then there is the bar scene, the club scene and the awkwardness of the same old "sex in the city" routines. All this plus, you must maintain a job, a place to live and be street wise and careful.
And as for the dating scene, the online dating and the lousy hook-ups and referrals from people you thought were your friend. Well, how on Earth is a single girl, living the single lifestyle suppose to manage all that? Well, speak no further as I have just the book for you, one that is fun to read, and gives some common sense advice as well as some of the tricks of the trade for those living the single lifestyle and looking for a potential suitor:
"Dating, Inc.; Recruit, Select, and Retain the Right Man for the Relationship " by Jeff & Carol Cohen
These two authors also write for About dot com on the Internet and have written numerous articles, factoids and sound advice for those living the singles lifestyle, loving it, but still looking for that special someone to make their lifestyle com complete. A relationship with a potential soul mate with information on how to test drive before you jump all the way into a permanent situation.
One of the best parts of this book and something that I found most intriguing was the incredible ease of use, worksheets and simple explanations. It's no wonder that Jeff and Carol Cohen are the people go for answers when they want advice on enhancing their lifestyles and love lives. I very much recommend this book and I wish you all the success in the world with your singles lifestyle and love life.
"Lance Winslow" - carwashguys history/founder. Lance Winslow's Bio. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; WorldThinkTank WorldThinkTank .
Lance_Winslow Lance_Winslow
height="90" width="64" Lance-Winslow_4195 Lance Winslow -

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