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Longer and Serial Sex Stories - Stories that are longer and may require some time to read. Generally this adult literature includes several chapters and may be part of a series by the same author.2509. New Lovers - Valentines Day was coming up…in two days in fact. She knew they had made plans. He was coming over…to spend the night. The whole night in fact. Because of the plans, she agreed to, she stood naked in front of her mirror, and she questioned herself on what she should wear for the night.2508. The Heist - Standing against the wall, her breast hang loosely as he began to gaze upon their beauty...2505. Tina - Yes, Tina wants him to do it…to undo her blouse, her top, and she wants to feel him all over her body…all over it…not just her boobs, but more then that.2456. Beach Time - Man almost arrested for crimes. Ends up sexing up deputy sheriff. "He whipped her around and slapped the juiciest kiss on her lips while her close, to feel her boobs, and tight. Slowly her hands came around his back to try and pull him close as well. They both knew he needed a shower. She knew it very well but she’d give it to him in good time. First it was their great sloppy but very sexy kissing but soon enough, she thought, she’d be giving him lots and lots more"...2454. A Royal Fuck - Young neighbor stops over and spends several hours with friends mom. "Too beautiful for words for a 41 year old woman, she looked lovely with only a bra, panties, and a slip on the semi-slinky figure of a body. In some people’s opinions, she was sexier then hell. That was surely an opinion of one young man, now a rather mature 22 year old construction worker who recently became one of his company’s supervisors but had been recently laid off work for two months while waiting for the work to pick up"...2343. Brent & Tina on Shukat - In the shower, Tina kissed Brent with the deepest, most passionate kiss of his life as they moved together soaping and washing each other. Strangely, after that kiss, the two grew closer than they’d ever been even as their passions remained subdued. The touching and familiarization under the spray was washing away pieces of latent emotional baggage leaving the two free to come together in perfect harmony...2270. Part Time Lover - My name is Cindy and I have been married for almost fifteen years now and I am 37. My husband and I have a decent sex life but it has been losing its luster over the years and I was always ok with it. My husband, come to find out wasn’t and wanted more. Now you might be thinking that he wanted another woman but it turned out to be the opposite. He wanted to bring in another man and that is where my story begins...2232. High School Graduate - Moments later, as Stella spied the unopened pack of condoms on the night stand she turned to Stan and asked, “Did we forget anything”? Then Stan seeing her viewing the unopened package became acutely embarrassed. He wanted to be responsible! He wanted to take full responsibility.2198. Jordan and His Wanton Cougar - she cried out as a break ensued between connections of a kissing binge. He dove right back in, kissing while throwing his tongue deep within the woman’s mouth. She adored it reciprocating his action. His cock reacted violently. He thrust himself, or more to the point, he thrust his cock against her body letting her know he was hard and he was hornier then ever at this point... friend-fuck. The Road to Sex is Paved with a Friends Intentions - Amishi wanted Kuntal just as much as he wanted her. She flicked her tongue around his cockhead, capturing a pearly drop of precum that had seeped through the slit. He tasted deliciously masculine, his scent rich and musky, reaching within her and surrounding her body with heat.2049. All That it May Bring - When a night of fun for Christina takes a strange turn, she decides to go along for the ride... Making this one of the best nights of her existence.2018. Unsuspecting - Before I can protest she slides the straps off her shoulders and wiggles to let the dress fall to the floor, revealing she has no bra, and the tinyest excuse for panties I've ever seen, her breasts looked like tan melons with pink eyes, full and round , real for sure! 2135. Sam and Ginny Forever - College man finds college girl nude, raped and abandoned in park; then, takes her in and helps her find herself only to find an attraction which eventually leads to sex and a directiuon in their life.2133. You're So Hot Amishi - He plunged his tongue into her snug pussy, his dick jerking at the contact as her body began to shiver. He continued to love her with his mouth, and her legs began to shake. “Stop.” She dropped her leg and took a step back. He rose to his feet. “Stop?” He would if she asked, but he didn't think that's what she meant. “It's too much.” “What's too much, Amishi?” “The pleasure.” He walked over to her nightstand and reached for the lubricant he had bought for this occasion.2105. The Ties That Bind - His one wife decided to leave him, and his second wife decided to stop sleeping with him. She was going to leave with her two little females, and that was when he decided to improve his image and reinvent himself. First he got all the females together and he told them how things were going to be.2083. How I Met my Wife - Sitting up, she guided my cock into her soft, tight and wet pussy. Now she was in control, thrusting as I squeezed and sucked her breasts. The length of time I could go before cumming was increasing, as there was almost nothing left for me to cum with. We had made love so many times that afternoon. She was so tight, one would have never guessed she has had 3 kids. It felt like being inside of a virgin.2035. You Have Mail - I felt it between my crotch, sliding along the slit that I knew was very moist now. Standing holding me, my legs cushioning his body between them, in the air, he kissed me and with one hand holding me in position and the other hand he reached down under me and positioned his hard cock into my slit and pushed.2013. Aunt and Nephew - Sandra stood close to him as he lay on the bed, so that at eye level he could see her sucking the middle finger of one hand and putting it between her legs. She rubbed it back and forth, returned her finger to her mouth, sucked on it and then put it back on the fattening, succulent bit of flesh.1995. Mickey and Peg - A man, deserted by his wife many years previously, wins the lottery and seeks some new experiences. He travels to London and seeks a woman to provide him with the excitement he's been missing for many years. After finding the woman he was seeking, he found some earthly pleasures but is abandoned by the woman. Back home, he finds his desires changed.1972. Coming to America - Part 1 of a longer series - The story of an Englishman arriving in America to study, who ends up lodging with a divorced wife and her inexperienced teenage daughter....
She was wearing a white bikini, which barely covered her buttocks, with her head resting on my pillow. Despite having come twice in the last 45 minutes, my semi-hard cock immediately began to twitch again at the sight of those legs and that ass. 1961. Army Mom - She took his hand, whispered to follow her. No one was around. Every one was at work in the neighborhood. All cars left and nobody was going to bother them. And once in the pool his trunks came off. Her hand touched it. Her hand grasped it, clutched it, and her hand squeezed that dangling monster hard…real, real hard. She went down on it. She went beneath the water surface and swallowed it and sucked his cock until she couldn’t breathe. 1958. Resort Mom - “And she smelled soooo…soooo damn fine too. In my drunken state I wanted to do it right back to her. And still I did not know who she was. I had to have her…had to. I figured assuming it was Michelle as tall as she was she’d let me do it too. But something was different. Everything felt a little different. The way she held me from behind just didn’t feel like some ordinary girl our age. Those arms and those hands knew what the hell they were doing I thought.”1922. Triple Fantasies - he likes her, she likes him, all three like one another. No sex, only fantasies, but fantasies of the mind fulfilled...almost1889. Teacher, Thomas, and Mother's Day - An 18 year old has another dream about him and his mom in bed together and on Mother's Day weekend. He was ready to drop to his knees and lift up the full length skirt against his face. He surprised her to no end. He scared her. He did it. He dove into it. She wasn’t sure what he was doing. All she could tell was he indulged far fetched fantasies and she incited it by doing something she was advised never to do.1820. Teds French Connection - Ted comes to see daughter Carolina. She not home, but he stays and waits. daughter's mom and Ted wait and talk and she asks favor and she comes on to Ted. They have sex.1763. Winter Wonderland - Mysterious cabin in wintery, snowy north brings about lust and sexual adventure for two unlikely individuals.1754. Behind Enemy Lines - In 1942, A Canadian B17 bomber pilot is shot down over France and, although injured, he manages to make his way to a remote farmhouse inhabited by two French sisters. While at first fearful of him, they realize he needs their help, and over the next few days they're brought together in their mutual fear of being overrun by Nazi soldiers at any time. A sexy, romantic war-time tale with a little twist at the end.1701. Towel and a Tank Top - Seeking the typical male desire of having two women, Hampton experiences pleasures above and beyond belief with Tabitha and Jasmine. A loving hug and kiss at the door leading to fun-play of fondling and undressing sets the prelude for an experience rivaling what one can only see in adult movies. They creatively devise a way to experience simultaneous pleasure from the tongue and lips where the three feast on each other until making their initial release. From there it is an intense session of trial and success as the three take on multiple positions and roles ensuring that each reach powerful climaxes. They transcend the realm of normalcy to explore the heights of taboo and travels, where Tabitha and Jasmine are seduced by Hampton’s tongue and love stick dancing in and out of their second pleasure hole. The three lay together spent after the session engulfed in an afterglow and smiles.1690. Shy Assistant - An assistant in office gets lay off notice. Cries, kisses boss passionately, and has sex with man she met at social function...Delores, answered her phone, said yes sir, and quietly stood up. Pressing her skirt against her to iron out the wrinkles, she slowly and silently headed for his office. Unaware of what was about to happen the woman who was short of forty wore her hair fairly short as well as glasses which were outdated. 1687. Hefty Sex - Jeff was younger. Alicia was a senior. They were lab partners, but she made quite an impression as did he on her. After years of not seeing each other and having secret fantasies of one another, they run into the other, disclosing their fantasies eventually and...1678. Lucy And Dann - They kissed for a while, naked, Dann still hard and Lucy getting even wetter by the minute. After a while Lucy got up and grabbed Dann’s cock in her hand, she pulled him off the bed and moved him to the corner where she whispered in his ear...1620. Wet - Guy is given name and number of girl to ask out. She's a pretty but chubby girl and he's not an admirer at all, but ends up liking this one. She's nice, funny, and has lots of curves due to losing weight. She falls hook line and sinker for the guy and goes him to fantasize and masturbate. And boy does she.1607. Moms Holiday Party - Daughter throws party and her mom makes out in sexual activity with two different guys. 1601. Chances Chance - Young cowboy riding back to ranch, stops off and ask for food and rest. Husband away, always away. Wife raising nephew is lonely. Once nephew goes to school, her homestead is hers to do as she pleases.
1598. Three Day Snow In - 24 year old bored and anxious and snowed in for three days has to get out. Meets up with older guy, becomes attracted, they drink, and see what starts to happen.1574. Harris Erections - Harris is called upon by an old friend to be her personal assistant. He adores and is madly, secretly in love with her developing boners often when he "thinks" about being with her. Finally after months of thinking of her, he gets his wish fulfilled.1493. Sister Maries Reunion - A nun recalls memories of man she is working with. relationship blossoms... 1445. Weekend Lovers - Part I - However, it was Michael Dietrich who had shown a somewhat special interest in the youngest daughter of the Breslin family. And Mandy herself had shown an equally special interest in him. 1431. Mum and Me - I think Gary realised that he was going to sleep with Mum but the thought that he might sleep with me too hadn't occurred to him. 1358. Betrayal - She stroked my skin and I shivered, she kissed my lips but I made no effort to reciprocate her actions. I was so confused, what could I do? 1323. Basketball Recruit and Recruiters - Ashley wants sex with Bobby, Sue, or both and doesn't care. Recruiters start coming to house. One grabs her attention. She goes off and needs to "speak" to one of them "alone." She takes him to farm house of relative, sucks him off, and ends up making plans for return favors. 1258. My Project with the Teacher - My plaid school skirt rolled up a bit higher, my blouse open at the top three buttons, a pink bra that matches my baby pink g string...the one i had mom take me buy specially for my History teacher after yesterdays events in this very class room on that very desk.1248. Neighbors - Marcus, an athlete, gets in trouble and is suspended from the team. After being called to meet with the disciplinary chancellor, she offers him an opportunity to be reinstated. 1220. Marys Office Job - Mary a secretary openly offers to make things right. Almost 20 years younger then her boss she soon discovers he is more appealing to her then she realized. She'd do anything... anything at all, but as things heat up something interrupts it all. 1152. Wifes First Date The Set Up - Dirty talk during sex between a husband and a wife escalates to the realm of reality for her when hubby makes the arrangements for her to have a date with the man she had fantasized about from work. older-women. Older Women make Beautiful Lovers - This experience happened to me as a boy. Since then, I truly enjoy giving older women the pleasures of sex that they seem to need. cum. Cum - Friday a bit after 6:00PM a burbling exhaust sound announced the arrival of my wife's little sports car in the driveway. I heard it back into an out-of-way corner. "Hey Sweetie" came her call from the entryway. "Hey Kay" I replied from the bedroom where I lay reading. 1084. My Highway Ride - I looked in the rearview mirror. Yes, there he was, coming up to pass me again. We had been playing this little game of leapfrog for some miles now, and it had somehow taken on a life of its own. 1073. Basketball Recruit and Aunt Sue - Upset her nightbor Bobby seduced her and made sexual addvances on her, his wife comes and "scolds" him, but ends up seducing young sexy athlete herself. 1072. Surrogate Grandparents - Ashley's "surrogate grandparents" ask her advice so the 70 year old couple can still get it on after 50 plus years of marriage. 1068. My Day out of Town - By the time I got to the airport, I was in a pretty pissed-off mood. I woke that Friday morning thinking sexy thoughts about Mark and the trip. He had emailed me and told me to pack a long- weekend bag for Nassau. anniversary_poker. Anniversary Poker - Leann pointed at the two guys which I took to mean “One at a time guys.” At this point my erection was hurting so good. Mike was the first to react and stroked his wife’s nipples. As I tentatively reached towards Sarah, Mike withdrew his hand. I gently stroked her midsection just under her breasts. 996. Student Teacher Conference Carmens Revenge - I thought about Carmen all night when I got home from the party. That demur little bitch really had me fooled. Shy and reserved my ass…she was a fuck-monster. The little whore had repeatedly cheated on her husband with a bunch of different guys. She had played me like a fiddle, not that I minded being played. 992. Student Teacher Conference - She opened that sweet mouth and accepted my tongue again. This time I got inside her blouse while I kissed her. She was rubbing her body against my cock and it felt good. I was about to bust and I slipped my hand inside her pants and panties and started fingering her clit. 877. Immorality of Sister Sardinia - My breasts bounced generously as I walked steadfastly towards my office. My mind was fixated on Tom’s face and especially his chest. His hidden pectorals zoomed across my desiring intellect all too often. One moment I was ashamed of myself; the next moment I found myself yearning to caress his handsome manly chest. ice-storm-sex. Ice Storm Get Together - Girl moves into condo, trees crash into roof and damage condo. Girl can't stay with family so takes up offer to stay at neighbors condo. Neighbor promises to behave himself, but everything falls apart and she falls for him and gives him great head. She wants sex, he can't give sex, but each ends up cumming and orgasming soon enough. 735. Guilt - My wife and I had been married for 19 months when our first encounter of the worst kind happened. Before the incident, we were the typical newlyweds who made love in such places that are always the most available but not the most com comfortable. 701. The Visit - Janet Abruzzi had been divorced for 10 years. Her marriage had been stormy at best, but when her husband George, had gotten wind of an affair Janet was having with his business partner's wife he became livid with jealousy and anger and set about to gather proof with an aim to dumping her and getting custody of the children. 698. The Lap Dancers Sex Story - Deaf to her pleading and cries he pawed her small breasts as she whimpered. Her cries were blocked by his probing tongue as first his rough fingers and then his hard cock probed her virgin pussy. The loss of her virginity was a painful hurtful horror that lasted until the gray light of dawn. By then she had no virginity left anyplace.678. Debbie The Cumslut - Debby was 19. She was a sophomore at the local state university. She was a brunette, five feet six inches tall, and weighed 119 pounds. She had size 35C breasts, long slim legs and a face that boys and men had dreams about. She was also a groupie. wild- wife. Wild Wife - Kristen Hobson stood five-foot-eight and had the most incredibly curvaceous body any man could imagine. Her most impressive feature was her tits. Kristen's tits billowed out from her body, huge and creamy, with areolas a chocolate-brown color. They were wider across than a man's palm. Her nipples stood out prominently, and Kristen wasn't afraid to wear clothes that showed off her tits to their best advantage. firstlove. First Love - Slowly moving south, teasing, I stuck my tongue in his belly button and he groaned, knowing I'm sure the direction I was headed in and what I was after. I kissed the baby fine hairs below his navel. They ran in a streak down into his jeans. sex_experiment. The Sex Experiment - Fantasy had played such a large part in the 35-year-old blonde's life, that now she did not know whether she could trust her own instincts. 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